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Stephanie Ernst is an independent animal rights advocate who makes her living as a freelance editor and writer. For the year and a half prior to creating Animal Rights & AntiOppression in December 2009, she was the blogger, editor, and community manager for the Animal Rights cause at In her advocacy, she works to help people see animals for who they are, rather than how we’re taught to see them; to dispel the notion that exploitation and slaughter can ever be humane; to explore the connections between animal exploitation and other injustices; and to maintain an objective, critical voice within the animal rights movement. Her other interests span a wide range, including tree-hugging environmentalism and the harms caused by myriad forms of discrimination and bias. She is particularly interested in the ways we teach children to interact with and view each other, the world, and their fellow animals. Raised in a rural community, Stephanie now lives in St. Louis, MO, with Chance, an aging corgi-lab mix, and Mabel, an adolescent pit bull. All three are vegans.


Deb Durant is a vegan bike-commuter with shutterbug fever. Her activism, life choices, and volunteer work are driven by passion for her fellow earthlings and the planet we share. She volunteers every weekend at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, where she has a chance to spend time with some of the individuals so directly impacted by our choices, as well as indulge her love of photography. Deb’s photography and the stories of those individuals appear regularly on her blog, Invisible Voices.


Kelly Garbato is a heathen vegan feminist living in rural Missouri with her husband and six furkids (five dogs and a cat). Kelly’s interests include animal and human rights, pop culture, language, and the intersecting nature of oppressions. She loves good vegan eats and blaming the kyriarchy; you can watch her do both (sometimes simultaneously!) at


Marji Beach is a vegan animal rights advocate with a background in animal science and sanctuary work. She works for Animal Place, a non-profit farmed animal sanctuary in California. When not snapping photographs of happy rescued cows and chickens, she is hiking or snuggling with two dogs – Mina, an 11-year-old pit bull, and Celeste, a 3-year-old mixed breed. Marji also blogs at the Animal Place sanctuary blog and at For the Pits.


Mary Martin is a vegan/atheist/runner who has been writing and editing professionally for 20 years and has posted almost daily on her blog, Animal Person, for over three years. Her doctorate in Applied Linguistics from New York University informs her deconstructions of the messages we send about animals through our words and deeds. Mary lives in Jupiter, Florida, with her vegan husband, two greyhounds, and one very opinionated cat.


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